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Pinkel vs Odom

Posted on: October 11, 2018 at 16:43:33 CT
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Pinkel took over a dead program that had only 2 measly winning season in a 17 year period. We still lost 9 games in those 2 seasons.

The program had lost 11 straight games to Big 12 North competition, and was 3-15 in its previous 18 conference games.

We had zero cornerbacks on scholarship.

We had no good quarterbacks in the system. No explosive running back talent. The linemen were weak, slow and small compared to its conference competitors.

Mizzou was unquestionably worse than every Big 12 North School. They were getting murdered by Kansas and Iowa State of all schools.

For a very important 15 year period from about 1985 - 2000, Mizzou was literally never even on TV because they were so pathetic. There were seasons where you might get to see them 1 game only, because they might want to show Nebraska or Colorado on national TV.

They were just barely a footnote in the STL Post-Dispatch, getting relegated to page 12, cause nobody wanted to read about another 66-0 loss.

They had zero pipelines in St. Louis
They had zero pipelines in Kansas City

They had built only 1 pipeline in-state in Jefferson City, and they aren't even a reliable school to produce talent anymore.

Larry Smith left this program in worse shape than the Titanic. In 1999 and 2000, they were losing games 62-9 to Clemson, 66-0 to Kansas State, 37-0 to a mediocre Oklahoma team, 51-14 to Texas A&M, 40-10 to Nebraska, 38-17 to Kansas, 46-12 to Texas, 21-0 to Kansas, 39-20 to Iowa State.

They were every bit as miserably bad in Larry Smith's last two years, as they were with Bob Stull and Woody Widenhoffer.

Then in stepped Gary Pinkel.... the guy that went 73-37-3 at Toledo, who went 11-0-1 in 1995 and 10-1 in 2000. Winner of a Conference Title, and 4 division championships in his last 6 seasons there.

The guy had already proven from a decade at Toledo that he knew how to build a long-term sustained winner, while churning over multiple recruiting classes.

He took over this heaping pile of sh*t created by Babs, previous administrations and coaches... including Larry Smith, who "flat out quit recruiting" according to a personal conversation I had with Mike Kelly.

Pinkel turned Mizzou around immediately.

They were noticeably better at every aspect of the game in the first season. They didn't commit as many penalties. They didn't turn the ball over on offense. They were still slow and didn't have athletes, but they were immediately better tacklers, better kickers, more accurate QBs, etc.

And one more thing. Before he even coached a game at Mizzou... he had already found the ingredient that would lift his program by signing Brad Smith and redshirting him.

Year 2

In steps Brad Smith and we are already a relevant football program nationally again. In 2002 we played so many good ranked teams very close. Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa State. We finished 5-7, but were only a couple of plays from being 8-4.

Year 3

He already has them as one of the most explosive offenses in college football, with one of the most exciting players in school history (national history at that time).

They go 8-4 in the regular season and had their best season since the Warren Power days.

From 2003 - 2011, they had only 1 losing season... and of course, he built them into a conference and national power.

The 2007 and 2013 teams were maybe the two greatest in history.

In his final 9 seasons at Mizzou, he won 5 division titles, appeared in 4 championship games in the best two conferences in all of football. He won at least ten games 5 times. He reached #1 in the nation... one of only two coaches in university history to achieve that.

Pinkel took over a program that was worse than every program in the Big 12 North... and unquestionable and indisputably they were better than every single one of those programs by 2013. They were far, far, far, far better than KU, Iowa State, Colorado and Kansas State and better than Nebraska too.

He was so dominant for this area, that Illinois fell totally apart because he killed them in recruiting, while going 6-0 against them.

That school still hasn't recovered from Pinkel's total annihilation of them.

Barry Odom
Odom on the other hand, got to take over everything great Pinkel built from scratch.

He was gifted a QB so talented with so much arm strength that he might be the #1 QB taken in the NFL draft. He was gifted a definite NFL talent at DT.

Here we are in year 3, and we are about to go 0-3 in conference. About to **** away a 9-10 win season. We have big recruiting issues... we can't beat anyone with a winning record.
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