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Big 8 conference championships 1980-1990

Posted on: August 9, 2019 at 13:39:36 CT
McMuffin HERD
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I didn't know being a child of the Eighties was gonna be so brutal in that I honestly, really, truthfully thought the above was the normal way of the world. Even when ku did go on a run to a natty in '88 it was universally referred to then as a "miracle" which is a nice term for nonsensical fluke.

I mean even just immediately after that from 1991 to 1994 with ku winning 3 conference titles to Mizzou's 1, I was like "hmm that was a really weird stretch, ahh well, we just went 14-0, things are getting back to normal now." opps...

Even if I had been around in the 1970s or 60s I'd have had a better frame of reference. The 1980s was like been born into college hoops Never Never Land. I mean yeah, a Northern Iowa or Xavier was always there to pinch you a bit, but we were so stacked and just won the conference so no biggie we will get 'em next year...right....
...umm, right?

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