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RE: I support a couple of ideas related to this.

Posted on: August 10, 2018 at 16:37:28 CT
MenInBlack MU
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I don't see the point.

1. The games have to be played somewhere...why not the NY6 bowls? The current format is fine. It determines a true, undisputed NC. Moreover, unlike NCAA BB, it only rewards the teams that had a great season, not teams on a hot streak.

2. This would only hurt the middle/lower tier teams and likely create an even greater imbalance of power. Bowl teams get extra practice and can use it as a recruiting tool. By limiting the bowls to the amount you are discussing, would mean essentially only the top-40 teams can get in the bowls. Under that format, we likely would not have gone to a bowl last year and several other times in recent times. While I would like to be consistently top 40, we aren't there. Plus, even if we are top-40 team, in your scenario, I foresee a bowl choosing a lower ranked team, just b/c they travel better.

I just don't get why "fans" care about the number of bowl games there are...don't watch/attend them...I guarantee you the players and coaches want the bowl games.

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