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Missed the game tonight. Went to Truman St vs UMSL in

Posted on: December 2, 2021 at 23:05:00 CT
Jeff85 MU
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Kirksville. Truman hit a half court shot at the end of OT to win by one. The CM era is over. He probably should be fired now, but would hate to make one of the assistants coach this disaster. Tell him he is done at the end of the season and let him resign if he feels that would be best. Hire a young up and coming guy and give him the necessary resources to succeed.
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Missed the game tonight. Went to Truman St vs UMSL in - Jeff85 MU - 12/2 23:05:00
     Probably a more competitive game - MoGold MU - 12/3 00:16:42
     This season is done and these players quit playing for CM - DHighlander NWMSU - 12/2 23:09:42
          These are all new players, says all we need to know - MoGold MU - 12/3 00:18:16
          People keep saying we can't fire him until May 1st - jlbomega MU - 12/3 00:04:21
          Agree, some have probably given up on CM. - Jeff85 MU - 12/2 23:17:03
               I don't hope for losses but if it serves to end this more - DHighlander NWMSU - 12/2 23:32:03
                    You would have fired him after making the tourney? - Jeff85 MU - 12/2 23:36:32
                         No, I would have fired him when his entire team chose to - DHighlander NWMSU - 12/2 23:44:56

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