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I hear what you are saying but...

Posted on: February 10, 2019 at 12:11:17 CT
BlackSheep MU
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I find it humorous that calling a timeout to stop a scoring drought is somehow going to make bad scores now score consistently. I recall the sequence you mentioned. But tell me, with zero inside presence (this against all guards) what else can you expect but for the guards to either dribble dribble dribble or just pass the ball around the perimeter?

Puryear missed a rebound/putback bunny with no one really guarding him.

Nikko FINALLY catches the pass down low only to turn it over twice because, stupidly, he tried to dribble and was stripped. Kudos for his aggressiveness but by now, he should know better.

6’10” Mitchell Smith? No point commenting on how soft and useless he is.

When you have the size mismatch Mizzou enjoyed and are unable to take advantage , that’s on the players. IMO, you can call 20 timeouts and it would not have made a difference yesterday when you have a talentless, crappy team on the court.

Coaches are not all-powerful Wizards of Oz. Players must make plays.
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