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I see the NCAA doing one of two things in those whole

Posted on: October 12, 2018 at 08:01:34 CT
tgr MU
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Adidas mess.

1. They punish the **** out of schools who Adidas was paying players to attend. The send a message that even if your coach didn't explicitly know how much players were being paid, they were aware of the system and how it was working.

2. They use the whole "Coach X" didn't know and it was all just the shoe companies doing it so everyone is free to go with a few forfeited games.

Doing #1 would be completely out of character for the NCAA because it would send a strong message about cheating so I'm about 90% sure they will do #2.
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I see the NCAA doing one of two things in those whole - tgr MU - 10/12 08:01:34
     If anything it would be #2. Not sure I think they will - FIJItiger MU - 10/12 08:24:17
          some clean schools should sue the NCAA if they do nothing - lqf2b8 MU - 10/12 08:31:12
               The thing to keep in mind about ku's defense of - FIJItiger MU - 10/12 08:45:43
                    MU would penalize itself for lack of institutional control.. - BandG MU - 10/12 09:12:57
                         fair point, maybe MU is a bad example (nm) - FIJItiger MU - 10/12 09:15:38
                    RE: The thing to keep in mind about ku's defense of - MidMoBaller4Life MU - 10/12 09:05:40
               Clean schools? LOL(nm) - Danny Whizzbang USA - 10/12 08:36:23
                    I doubt UMKC cheats (nm) - lqf2b8 MU - 10/12 08:39:41
     #2 for sure. no chance self gets a major hit - TigerA MU - 10/12 08:09:20
          NCAA will do nothing. They will hide behind FBI and say this - MrTruman2U MU - 10/12 08:13:21
               they don't care about the mocking b/c they are still making - TigerA MU - 10/12 08:14:39

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