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Baseball players in portal

Posted on: June 13, 2022 at 17:26:00 CT
beermaker33 MU
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247sports just released a list of SEC baseball players in portal and has 12 MU players listed: the most notable IMO at least is Zach Hise. I know he had a high ERA his freshman season, but at times looked awesome and I thought that he had a chance to be the Friday night starter, if not Sat this season---had he not been injured of course. Others in the portal: Mangual (also a bummer, maybe could've been Mann's replacement), De Sedas, Kush, Wilhelm, Maloney, Robertson, Coletta, Phelps, Schroeder, Bryan, Swims.

The deadline for springs sports for the portal is July 1st, so there could be addition Tigers. To complicate matters, if I remember right, the MLB draft is usually in early June but last season and this yr its in mid-July during the All-Star break for high TV ratings, I guess. So with the transfer deadline being BEFORE the draft that just makes it harder for players, for coaches constructing their rosters, pretty much everyone, so what the heck is the point of having the MLB draft so late??
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Baseball players in portal - beermaker33 MU - 6/13 17:26:00
     RE: Baseball players in portal - largetiger MU - 6/13 22:05:53
          I'm surprised he is able to transfer again - MizzouAstro MU - 6/14 07:54:18
               maybe he's going D2 where he belongs - TigerMook MU - 6/14 10:30:55
                    De Sedas?(nm) - MizzouAstro MU - 6/14 10:36:58
                         No, sorry. I meant Coletta. - TigerMook MU - 6/14 10:46:39
     Surprised by Coletta - MizzouAstro MU - 6/13 19:31:48
          RE: Surprised by Coletta - TigerMook MU - 6/14 07:51:01
               Coletta has been by far our best defensive catcher of the - MizzouAstro MU - 6/14 10:37:35

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