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I Just like points in the paint, and Braun and Nikko are

Posted on: November 13, 2019 at 10:56:47 CT
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the only players we have that will take a shot inside the paint. Braun has the skills to score inside, why not use them. I saw Mitch get a offensive rebound at the rim and then dribble to the 3 point line. Kobe Brown, he looks great inside, he is very athletic and will take it to the rim, but he like the 3 point line too much.

When Tilmon gets in foul trouble, we still need inside scoring.

And if Braun can get us a win against Florida, then start him at QB!
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     No. He is no where close to being ready to play in a game - go tigers MU - 11/13 10:59:33
          the first half was horrible, Xavier wasn't playing well. - Tiger Stripes MU - 11/13 11:23:10
     Yes, Braun should have played while Tilmon was on the bench. - Tiger Stripes MU - 11/13 10:22:32
          LOL, let the Jankovic-style love affair with Braun commence - Mormad MU - 11/13 10:25:18
               I Just like points in the paint, and Braun and Nikko are - Tiger Stripes MU - 11/13 10:56:47
     You're a little obsessed with Braun. (nm) - ForOldMissouri MU - 11/13 09:56:30
     No. The dude would have gotten worked. - Mormad MU - 11/13 09:33:32

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