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RE: Wrong. As many lawyers & legal scholars have pointed out...

Posted on: October 8, 2019 at 10:51:49 CT
TigerMook MU
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At least you are referencing the Constitution now. Thank you.

However, your analysis is pretty far off. States regulate all kinds of areas of commerce within their borders. Different unemployement insurance, worker's comp, labor and wage laws, when you can buy beer, the list goes on and on. States can and do have differing laws and regulation regarding commerce.

Going to the television example, are you saying since NBC is broadcast nationwide, the state couldn't regulate the minimum wage to be paid the cameraman.

Also, people a lot smarter than you analyze the Supreme Court and rarely do they posit exactly what the court will do with much success. Letting the players make more money off their likeness is also clearly a more traditionally conservative position. Laizzez-faire, let the markets do what they do.

This all goes back to my original post that you are an idiot and have no business ever discussing a legal issue. Please just stop. Say you don't like the law or it's implications. Fine. But don't throw out reckless statements such as "the Supreme Court is going to over turn it anyway."
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