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Posted on: March 15, 2019 at 15:01:16 CT
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''Coach said, `We don`t have any dogs on the team,` '' center Stacey King said, telling the story. ''It`s true. We`ve got 12 guys who can all play. It`s just like the football team when it`s ahead 78-2. They put in the second quarterback and he`s just as good as the first one."

Although they lost to Louisiana State Monday night, the Sooners are still 14-1 and ranked No. 3 in the nation. But it`s not the winning or the ranking that has drawn attention to the team. It`s the scoring.

The Sooners have scored more than 150 points twice, and they have broken the Big Eight record by scoring more than 100 points in 11 games. They lead the nation with an average of 112.9 points a game.

''It`s like playing for a professional team, with fast breaks, dunks, man-to-man defense and all that stuff,'' King said. ''It`s like a mini-Lakers game.''

Tubbs attributes his desire for fast-paced play to his own playing days at Lon Morris Junior College in Jacksonville, Tex.

''Both years I was there, we averaged more than 100 points a game and led the nation in scoring,'' he said. ''That`s where that came about.''

Tubbs` style has ticked off some of his opponents. Some accuse Tubbs of running up the score.

''If I were playing on another team, it would really make me mad,'' King said. ''Sometimes I feel kind of sorry for them (other teams) at the end of games. As long as I`m on the winning team, I can`t complain. That`s Coach Tubbs` philosophy: When you`ve got a team down, you`ve got to beat them.''

What Tubbs does want is to break records.

''What has always fascinated me about sports is breaking records-the guy who ran a sub 4-minute mile, the guy who broke Babe Ruth`s records,'' he said. ''And that`s the biggest thing in the Olympics. It`s not who won what, but what records were broken.

''I think it`s fantastic to go for records. Breaking them means you`re doing a good job.''

In one game against Centenary College, a 152-84 victory, the Sooners broke 17 records, including national records for most steals in a game (34), most steals by a player (Blaylock, 13), and Big Eight records for points in a half (76) and points in a game.

The players are interested in records, too.

''We want to break records of 96 points in a half and 173 in a game,''

Grant said. ''If the defense presses the whole game, I think we can get 200.''
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