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There were some who predicted Quin would succeed

Posted on: February 11, 2019 at 07:08:58 CT
alwaysright MU
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after Mizzou.

His time at Mizzou was derailed by boiling it down to one basic problem. Oversight.

his age mandated that he have some oversight in certain areas of the job. He did not receive that mentoring/oversight. However, he was over-managed in other areas and it created an imbalance.

Quin actually put together a respectable staff his first year. But when John Hammond left, Quin needed, and Alden should have required him to hire an older tactician to help coach. Instead Quin started hiring talentless sleazeballs with recruiting connections. Quin was supposed to be the recruiter himself.

Had Quin replaced John Hammond with a quality coach to help him direct the system on the court, his time at Mizzou would have almost certainly gone quite different. Alden should have been more directive in that hire.
As it was, guys like Harvey, Odom, and Perez were worthless coaches and led to the troubles that caused Alden to overreact and limit Quin in other areas.
If none of that had happened, Quin's personal issues may not have bled into the team and it's possible he's still here today.
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