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Guys who can't play are the issue

Posted on: February 10, 2019 at 19:52:46 CT
drfrightner MU
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When two of your starters are Giest who really is terrible, he makes lots of turnovers, under pressure he cracks, he thinks he's a shooter he really costs the team. The other player who just can't play is Puryear good for him he got to play for Mizzou over the worst spurt in Mizzou history but he just can't play at this level.

He'd be fine at SLU but just not power 5 material.

Those two have been starters more or less for four years. The team is just so bad they go to those guys way to much.

I think of CM had a spine he'd just realize the season is over and just play the younger guys win or lose.

This team is terrible its time to own it and move onto the younger players putting Giest and Puryear on the bench.
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