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I've not been impressed by LSU

Posted on: February 10, 2019 at 12:19:47 CT
KC rules MU
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Just not a believer. They played a weak non conference schedule losing to both decent teams they played (Florida State and Houston) and also to OSU which one of the worst teams in the B12.

They've had a good run in the sec but they haven't played the 2 powerhouse teams yet and they lost to a mediocre Arky (which is a poor road team) at home.

I predicted a Mizzou win against LSU and by all rights it should have been a win. I'm not that impressed by the sec this year. Outside of Kentucky and Tennessee which are very good teams, I think the conference as a whole is weaker than it has been in years. Non conference schedules tend to support that assertion.
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                         Mizzou has better 2019 recruits - wu-tangtiger MU - 2/10 12:15:50
                              Hope you’re right (nm) - Doyle Hargraves MU - 2/10 12:19:16
          They finished tied for last (with us) 3 years ago. I would - Doyle Hargraves MU - 2/10 12:02:21

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