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I don't see more pay making a difference. As a former ref

Posted on: January 12, 2019 at 14:06:09 CT
alwaysright MU
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the real problems are rules interpretations and "points of emphasis". They start focusing on stuff so intently that the heart of the rule gets forgotten or bastardized. In some cases, they are over trained.

Very few in the officiating community simply takes the rulebook verbatim and calls the game that way. If they did, they would call a LOT less fouls overall and they would call more offensive fouls.

And some guys are just a55holes. A lot of guys (not saying majority, but more than there should be) get into reffing as a power trip...just like a lot of guys becoming cops. I knew a guy that worked in youth leagues and HS and was a pretty good ref. But there was one particular rule he simply refused to call properly. He did not give a shlt, he was not going to call it by the book. His supervisors knew it but refused to make him correct it.

The answers are:
Simplifying the rules
Quit trying to interpret the rules and take them verbatim
More accountability for officials

I had a partner-ref go into the stands of a HS game after a parent one time. I don't know how a complete riot did not break out. There were no repercussions for that guy.
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