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Tilmon owns his foul trouble imo. Last game example...

Posted on: January 11, 2019 at 23:02:34 CT
GapDaddy MU
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On Tilmon’s first foul and technical, he is mouthing with Alexander and then he sets up with his elbow basically in Alexander’s throat. Right in front of the ref. In that situation, if the ref is out to get Tilmon, he could just wait for Tilmon to extend the elbow and then blow the whistle. Instead, he takes a moment to step out and talk to both players about the talking and the elbow. He tells Tilmon the elbow is too high. Tilmon lowers the elbow to Alexander’s chest and says “is this ok?” The ref says yes. Not good enough for Tilmon as his response is “Are you sure?” And he adds a smirk for good measure. Stupid move to bait and disrespect the ref. Idiotic move to follow that with a head down shoulder charge into Alexander. Beyond imbecilic to finish it off with a ball flip at the fallen player. Tilmon somehow thinks he’ll get the last word with a ref. Kid, the whistle always gets the last word.
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Tilmon owns his foul trouble imo. Last game example... - GapDaddy MU - 1/11 23:02:34
     Hey, look, ain't no gittin' dissed in da 'hood. - GA Tiger MU - 1/12 10:23:16
     Then Sterk might as well fire Cuonzo Martin because he - alstl MU - 1/12 09:32:47
          That's all sorts of stupid.(nm) - Mizzmi27 MU - 1/12 11:59:01
          No doubt true. Yet...so is the OP.(nm) - GA Tiger MU - 1/12 10:23:54
          Tilmon isn’t being targeted by the refs - wu-tangtiger MU - 1/12 09:44:23
               RE: Tilmon isn’t being targeted by the refs - slippers-on MU - 1/12 10:33:20
                    Most of his fouls are stupid fouls - wu-tangtiger MU - 1/12 10:49:02
                         Most? As in over 50%. I doubt that. Strongly.(nm) - GA Tiger MU - 1/12 11:13:14
                              4 of his 5 against TN were dumb fouls - wu-tangtiger MU - 1/12 11:21:02
          Sterk only cares about women's basketball. (nm) - Uncle John MU - 1/12 09:40:18
     He owns about half of it. He gets screwed a ton and - alwaysright MU - 1/12 08:40:51
     Agree, turned on the game in time to see the instant replay - tigertix MU - 1/12 08:36:44
     Awww shucks, that's a great story grandpa - Gavin Citrus MU - 1/12 07:58:15

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