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The essence of what you are saying is his issue

Posted on: January 11, 2019 at 14:40:48 CT
longtimereader MU
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Watson is a player who is adjusting to

A. CM defensive mindset
B. being a player who doesn't have the ball in his hands the majority of the time. For this team now that player is Giest.

So as you said he is being used as a spot up shooter because he can shoot but he is really a scorer. I expected him to be a player that would go to the basket more drawing fouls as this is what he did on the prep level. So there was/is sometimes a lot of hesitancy in his game. I suspect he will get to point where he becomes that kind of all around scorer as part of his growth process. The upshot is he becomes that and is also a better shooter. That's somewhat what happen with Barnett. He wasn't originally the shooter he became. He just never became the player that used his athleticism to get to the basket more. Maybe had he had more than 1 year with CM and he would have developed that. Watson has 4 years to do so. His development track may somewhat mirror that of Marcus Denmon who was a similar player and to some extent Jabari Brown.

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