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I definitely agree that a big time scorer on the wing would

Posted on: November 17, 2018 at 22:55:47 CT
sjbe4d MU
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Make a huge difference. But this was never going to be as good a year as last year. In fact, last year was kind of a gift. If Kash hadn’t been better than advertised, Barnett started to realize his potential...especially defensively..., and we continue to watch Jontay progress every game, last year isn’t as good either. We have to not let last year raise our expectations too high for what we knew going in was going to be a multi year rebuild on CMs part. Right now, we are relying far too much on underclassmen to be overly competitive. Most people remember how good guys like Ricky Paulding were as juniors and seniors. But go back and look at what Paulding did as a freshman and sophomore. It’s not nearly as impressive. And that is what we have with Watson, tilmon, Pinson, and Mark Smith. It just takes time to develop. We will get there. It just won’t be this year. If we get Dru Smith next year and we get Jontay back with the experience these guys are going to get this year, we may have something decent next year. So for right now, just try to sit back, enjoy the flashes that this team will start to show, and look to see consistent improvement. That’s what we should be looking for this year.
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          I definitely agree that a big time scorer on the wing would - sjbe4d MU - 11/17 22:55:47
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