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Posted on: November 9, 2018 at 08:59:55 CT
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Visiting ISU brought their 10th ranked team to Columbia to face an unranked Tiger team that had started Big 8 play 0-2. For the 3rd straight game, star forward Derrick Chievous would come off the bench from Norm Stewart's doghouse. However he made the most of the 26 minutes he was given, going 11-19 from the field for 30 points and 14 rebounds. The Tigers would hold a 53-21 lead just 14 minutes into the game. Byron Irvin would also score 22 of his 24 points in the first half. The Tigers shot 66% from the field and out rebounded the Cyclones 32-15 in the first half, and they would cruise to a final score of 119 to 93. That is still the highest scoring output for MU in a conference game.

During the game, ISU star Jeff Grayer would charge into the stands and threatened to hit a member of the Antlers. "It got to me. I took some bad shots trying to do too much," he said. Grayer said that he rushed into the stands after the antlers called him a 'Momma's boy' and chanted 'Mommy was a cow' as Grayer came out for pregame warmups. Grayer had been quoted in a newspaper story as saying that he was homesick when he arrived at Iowa State from Flint, Mich., and said he was suspended for a game after going home to visit his mother during his freshman year.

'The Antlers said things about my mother, and she's ill,' Grayer said after the game. Grayer later said his mother suffers from arthritis.

ISU coach Johnny Orr filed a complaint about the Antlers with the Missouri athletic department. Athletic Department officials later told Antlers representatives to be nicer. Antlers showed up at MU's next home game
against the University of Colorado dressed as Ghandi, Pope John Paul II, Abe Lincoln, Santa Claus and
other sweet characters. They gave visiting coach Tom Miller a box of Valentine's candy, shouted "good try" when CU players missed shots and when Missouri took a commanding 21-4 lead yelled, "sorry about the score."

Fallout from the event happened later that month, when the NCAA announced a 'reinterpretation' of their rules that allowed officials to call a technical violation on the crowd and assess 2 free throws. If the crowd does not get under control, the officials are now allowed to call additional technical's on the home team coach.

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