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HC BO said he didn't catch the ball very well on T.V.

Posted on: November 7, 2018 at 14:42:20 CT
Gamagrass MU
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..during an interview - could have be post-game interview ... anyway, for a guy who wants to keep everything under his hat and won't let the press or fans have much access to practice, etc. I thought that was a remarkable thing to say.

Don't look for many passes Parker's way, if any, this week. It will be interesting so see how they draw up the game plan without Albert O and maybe without Blanton
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Kendall Blanton - kp83 MU - 11/7 12:56:32
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          HC BO said he didn't catch the ball very well on T.V. - Gamagrass MU - 11/7 14:42:20
               Lock said that when he saw it was Parker on the read-down... - kp83 MU - 11/7 14:55:11
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                    the SEC is a spread-heavy league just like the rest of them - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 11/7 13:43:59
     yup, didn't realize Blanton was a senior - Fire Marshall Bill MU - 11/7 12:58:33

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