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MPj on changing his diet

Posted on: October 12, 2018 at 08:57:15 CT
FIJItiger MU
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But actually, this is kind of a new thing for me, I’ve been trying to incorporate a little fish here and there, eggs, which is not something I was doing before. So my diet is changing a little bit. But for the most part, it’s still what it was before.

It’s really about getting a balanced diet because when you are vegetarian, it is hard to get a lot of protein. And with me healing right now, I got to make sure I’m getting enough protein with everything. That’s the thought process, so I’m just trying new things and seeing how my body reacts to it.
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MPj on changing his diet - FIJItiger MU - 10/12 08:57:15
     He can always get plenty of plant protein. - glue MU - 10/12 09:06:51
     If he is eating fish, he can't claim to be a vegetarian (nm) - TheWildcat STL - 10/12 08:58:56
          Vegetarians eat fish, Vegans don't (nm) - TigerPride84 MU - 10/12 09:03:22
               No(nm) - TheWildcat STL - 10/12 09:09:05
               Wrong - MidMoBaller4Life MU - 10/12 09:08:31
               Wrong. Pescatarians eat fish and shellfish, but not meat. - TigerTerror STL - 10/12 09:07:07
                    What is it when you eat vegetables and all meats execept - StaleyTiger MU - 10/12 09:23:56
                         atkins or keto.(nm) - SuperTone MU - 10/12 14:19:59
                         Don't think there's a term other than weirdo(nm) - MidMoBaller4Life MU - 10/12 09:30:00
                    Yeah, seems he's evolved to more of a pescatarian diet - Domino MU - 10/12 09:10:11
               He needs some meat and potatoes. (nm) - sprintcar STL - 10/12 09:06:01

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