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Answers to the Quiz

Posted on: October 11, 2018 at 13:53:39 CT
oaktoon MU
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Ok-- here we go. Thanks for answering, those who did.

1. Power conference not represented 2nd-8th place in the cumulative rankings: SEC

After Alabama, the next 7 are:

Ohio State
Fla State

LSU was 9th-- followed by Auburn, Florida and Georgia from places 10-15.. This is the Alabama wrecking crew answer.. Not a knock on the SEC

2. The two perennial powers and former national champs who haven't cracked the Top 25 the past 5 years: TEXAS and NEBRASKA Tennessee made it twice at number 22. Any Mizzou fan loves this question and answer even more.

3. Best performing former Big 12 team? MIZZOU, that's who.

4. Number 2 in the B1G behind Ohio State? MICHIGAN STATE John D'Antonio, come on down. Wisconsin just a tad behind. Penn state had some obvious tumultuous years and Michigan made a bad coaching hire (and who knows? maybe another)

5. Number 3 for these 10 years overall?? as you can see above-- the OREGON DUCKS lost two national championship games. But never won a title.

6. The big recruit states schools in the Top 10-- in order: TCU (6th), FSU (7th) and STANFORD (8th). Somebody got it exact and I tip my cap.. I would not have known that

7. A whole lot of folks were very close here. Obviously I kind of gave away #25- which is MIZZOU. Followed by MICHIGAN (how the mighty have fallen) and OL' MISS.. the latter did just enough cheating to get in here...

8. NO Ohio State and Oregon combined are 360-- and 'Bama is at 363. I can't think of any other period in my lifetime where one program has been so dominant.

Anyway, hope you had fun with this...
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