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Depends on if his family has to testify

Posted on: October 10, 2018 at 16:58:42 CT
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They may not like how Billy was singled out and the rest of his teammates were paid and given improper benefits without issue. I could definitely see them naming others at ku in that occurs.


“I’m tired of being quiet. I’m sick of watching people bash my child but if he suited up tomorrow he’d be the next coming of Jesus Christ to you guys. Enough is enough. Be a fan, be supportive, be empathetic or just be quiet until the NCAA does what they have to do.”

“As soon as he is cleared ... which I feel he should and will be ... I will speak candidly on this situation, however, I will not sit quiet while ‘fans’ put jackets on him that don’t fit. No one knows the stress that my family has gone through."

“Not only that ... if I had anything to hide ... I could’ve pulled him in November. This is taxing and stressful. But he’s there, being supportive, he hasn’t bailed on his team. He’s cheering and coaching and doing all he can."

“I don’t think they understand. Billy is 6’10” 240 lbs ... I could’ve sent him overseas in Nov. when this started, he would’ve been an instant millionaire and a 1st round pick . I allowed the NCAA in my personal life for kansas. Guilty people don’t do that.”

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